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Gallery folder info

The galleries should be pretty clear, but if you're hesitating between folders, this guide may help you! As we get really quite a lot of submissions, we also have quite a few folders just to make it easier for people to browse through our galleries. Think of it as an investment for the future: if someone is only interested in, say, cosplay, they don't need to browse through loads of other stuff to find it. :)

NOTE: Any Mature content, regardless of media, should go to the mature content -folder. As to what is accepted, anything that abides by the dA guidelines is fine!
Remember to be mindful of other people's inboxes. The submission cap is 3 submissions per day for members. Also remember that screenshots are generally not accepted. See screenshot guidelines if you are hesitating whether or not to post!

Also note, not all folders are open to submissions. If a folder is not in the list, it is not open for submissions :)

At the moment, we are not taking group favourites at all. If you wish to submit someone else's art, just submit to the appropriate Gallery folder. :)


1. Aargh The place where all those deviations go when you forget to choose the appropriate folder. Please try to pick the right folder so people will find your pieces when browsing for specific things! :bulletred: All submissions to this particular folder will be automatically declined, so please be careful about where you submit. :bulletred:

3D Renders Poser, XNALara and such renders. NO SCREENSHOTS.

Animated Gifs, flash-animations, you name it. If it moves, its place is here.

Comics and Strips The home of comics. Note, even single-panel comics count as strips, so if it's got a speech bubble, submit here! :) BUT it has to be drawn (or posed) by you. Please do not submit screenie comics.

Crossovers Dragon Effect? Star Age? Dragonwinter Nights? Modern!Dragon Age? Put two or more fandoms together and post here.

The Dark Side Darkspawn and other ominous villains and characters.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Fanart relating to any pre-release images, videos, and/or other official material regarding the still-in-development Dragon Age: Inquisiion goes here.

Fanfiction Home of #TheDragonAges writer's guild. Everyone's a member! :)

Companion and NPC portraits Portraits (that is, a picture of ONE SINGLE character) of companions and NPCs go here.

Dragon Age OCs NON-CANON characters go here. Be very careful about what you submit - if it isn't clear from the deviation that the OC is indeed somehow connected to Thedas, it will be most probably refused. Artist's note, if it contains more info than just the name and character class, might affect this, but say, a generic facial portrait with the text "my OC mage" is not enough.

WHAT IS AN OC? Original Character is a fan-created, non-canon character that dwells within the universe, and possibly, but not necessarily, interacts with canon characters. Player Characters (that is, Wardens and Hawkes) do NOT count as OCs and should go to their respective folders.

Team+Group pictures Non-romantic couples, groups, battle scenes, you name it.

Our Wardens and Champions Solo pics of our PC's! NB: This folder is divided to two subfolders (Wardens and Champions), a fancy super group feature. We're experimenting with the sorting in this folder - if it turns out to work well, we might implement it to other folders as well.

Romance art Romantic art up to PG rating. Mature content to the mature folder!

Mature content Anything you tagged with a mature warning, strict or otherwise. Mature fics here too!

Memes You know. Memes. But just ones that are drawn - screenshot fills will not be accepted.

Miscellaneous Fanworks that cannot be immediately classified as paintings/drawings or literature. Songs, avatars, stamps, emotes, that kinds of things. Also stuff containing screenshot material. (Example: DO NOT SUBMIT FANFIC OR FANART HERE JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T THINK OF WHICH FOLDER TO SUBMIT TO.

Cosplay You know, cosplay. Show us your garb skillz! NB: incomplete "cosplay" may be rejected (ie. it doesn't constitute as a Hawke cosplay if you're in your pajamas, with a red splash over your nose)

Handicrafts Plushies, badges, cookies, socks, hats, statues...

Lineart and sketches FINISHED lineart and sketches.

WIPs works in progress. Please don't post more than one WIP of a single deviation - if you want to keep stages updated, slap them together as a stage tutorial.


Pre-release DA2, Chibis, Old Challenges - folders are not open for further submissions. Post your chibis and Dragon Age 2 -related art to all the regular folders by theme!


Featured Admins decide a featured piece of fanart or fic every few weeks. The Featured folder is showcased on the front page. If you have a suggestion for a feature, send a group note! Note however, there will be no more than three features at any given time, so suggest with care.

Contributor folders Our contributors have folders of their own, comic artists have subfolders for their other fanart. We are currently not taking any more contributors.

Theme folders Every now and then we have a recurring theme, like currently the 2011 calendar project. The folders for these are only accessible to admins.

Submission Guidelines

We accept everything you've done yourself, but no solely screenshot based material. If you submit something that does not abide by the following guidelines, your submission will be refused! But if you drew, wrote or otherwise made it yourself, this is the home for your Dragon Age related fanstuff!

Submission cap is 3 deviations per member per day.

Our founding principle is to offer a place to show any and all Dragon Age -related fanART and fiction. That means that as long as it is written, drawn, or otherwise made by you, we accept it. The days of unmoderated submissions are over, though, so every piece has to be accepted by a moderator. As we have quite a few staff members, this shouldn't take long, but have patience. Please do not resubmit if it takes a bit of time or the piece is rejected. We will inform you why the piece is rejected, if that happens! There is basically only one reason as to how that can happen (apart from art theft), which is...

...we do not, from now on, accept any kind of screenshot-based deviations. PARTS of screenshots may be used as building blocks of a deviation, and even unedited ones may be used as PREVIEW IMAGES of fanfics.

If you're at all hesitant about your piece, consult the following guide (written by Abadir):

:#1: Unaltered ingame screenshots are NOT allowed for submission. :#1:

A piece including screenshot material should meet at least TWO of these requirements:

:bulletpurple: It is used only as part of the final image (as background, element of a collage, etc.)

:bulletpurple: It is part of an sequence of images that are NOT screenshots. (eg. a comic)

:bulletpurple: The original image is altered through adjustment (blurred, de/recolored, stylized, etc.) or with the addition of drawings or rendered elements, (ESPECIALLY NOTE: this alone is not enough. Two requirements.)

:bulletpurple: Most importantly, the deviation must always contain your own artistic input in some form or another, be it posing, drawing, writing or whatever.

Simple addition of text, speech bubbles and/or frames or collages of unaltered screenshots doesn't make the screenshot considered "edited".

This rule should be applied also for animations and video captures. However, video captures and animations may be justified within an original montage of unrelated scenes and/or with the audio.

3D renders made with programs like 3D Studio, Poser, XNALara etc. of models included or inspired by those used in game or using in-game textures are not considered screenshots, as setting the scene, the materials and the pose, even if is made with stock library elements or third party figures (though those, mostly in Poser, are usually altered with morphs), presupposes that the artist HAS worked on the piece himself, even if he or she skipped the model/texturing part, and it's not a screen capture of something the program does automatically.

WE RECOMMEND, though, that if you use imported textures and models from the games, at least a part of your render has been altered by you somehow, not just the pose. Makes things more interesting.

So what do we not accept?

:bulletpurple: Unedited screenshots (even if they are "staged" ingame, or contain custom content, it's still a no)
:bulletpurple: Motivational posters
:bulletpurple: Memes filled ONLY with screenshots
:bulletpurple: Character sheets (unless you drew the portrait)
:bulletpurple: Anything made with an online flash-based doll-editor is strictly not acceptable in any way. (Unless you make a Dragon Age -related doll-maker yourself!)
:bulletpurple: Non-Dragon Age related stuff (duh)
:bulletpurple: Smudge paintings will be declined. Please also avoid tracing your work.
:bulletpurple: Any other deviations only consisting of pre-existing material (screenshot collages, identical twins) with no visible personal input.

Please consider that this is no statement about whether or not the aforementioned are art, or possibly interesting, it is just a principle we have decided on. We want to spread art made by people's own hands, and we hope you can respect that. There are other groups that accept these things, so you can always post to them! :)

Special Donation Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 1, 2013, 5:09 AM
Good day, fellow Dragon Age fans! Captain DragonReine speaking, here to happily announce that, thanks to the donations from generous deviants, we have renewed TheDragonAges' Super Group status!

As promised, we at TheDragonAges shall thank the donors by featuring their names here in this special donation feature!


It's time to honour the donors for their contributions! Thank you so much for your generosity!


:iconfyrequeen89: FyreQueen89

:iconbillini: Billini

:iconwirls: Wirls

:iconsoleibee: SoleiBee
Gerke and Leliana by SoleiBee


To the anonymous donors, THANK YOU as well!


If you want to be part of our donor feature, please click the button below:

You can read more about donations here:…

Once more, thank you for your support, and remember

"In Art, Dragon Age;
In Fiction, Dragon Age;
In life and beyond, Dragon Age"

TheDragonAges team

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I am taking commissions, if any one is interested ;)
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Hey there, guys, thanks for accepting my request to join the group! Hope you all enjoy my stories!
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All of you are tagged !
Plz can I join I love drawing dragons
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